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The French Kiss!

For those who have never done it, a French Kiss can be intimidating!

Just the idea of touching your tongue to someone else's tongue may seem gross. If this is the case, then it's likely you're not ready to try it.

The most important thing about French kissing, or any type of kissing or contact with someone else, is that YOU feel ready to enjoy it.

There's nothing worse than being pressured into kissing. If it's forced you're not going to enjoy it - so don't do it.

If you think you're ready for the French kiss - first read our Guide to the Perfect Kiss© Section (for all the basic kissing steps and tips illustrated with photos)
If you've kissed someone on the lips before, the French Kiss is actually not that dramatically different from a normal kiss. During a regular mouth kiss, your lips should already be slightly parted and relaxed.

Now, it's just a matter of bringing your tongue to the front of your mouth, until it touches your partner's tongue or lips. If their tongue is not already in position, the sensation of your tongue at their lips is a tell-tale sign that you're ready for this kiss to become a FRENCH kiss.

If your partner is also ready with lips slightly parted, you can give the universal French Kiss signal by opening your mouth a little further and darting your tongue out just a bit.

If your partner responds by opening their lips further and/or you feel their tongue against yours, great. However, this is still not an invitation to force your tongue deep into your partner's mouth or begin sucking or licking away like a kid on a dime store lollipop.

Like regular kissing, French kissing is done best when it starts off slowly.

As your partner responds, things can become a little more passionate and involved. If you are both enjoying it, you can always begin to move your tongue slightly, caressing their tongue with it or running your tongue over your partner's lips.

Much like kissing, French kissing works out best when both people involved use a similar technique. Relaxed lips and tongue, moist but not sloppy, passionate at the appropriate time but not overly forceful.

Done correctly and with a partner you feel a romantic connection with, French kissing can be a very enjoyable experience.

But, perhaps the most important thing to remember is that kissing is, and always will be, an art, and not a science. There is no exact way that anyone can tell you how to French kiss.

The guidelines here are just that - tips to help you along the way. You will probably kiss each person that you become romantically involved with a slightly different way, depending upon how they kiss and a multitude of other factors. Remember these tips, and 'the moment' will be that much easier!

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